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Hello, friends! I hope your November is going well! Any items on your wishlist for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and/or Cyber Monday?! Make sure to enjoy some time with loved ones!

I am excited to share that I’m one of the CAS-Muses over at My-Scrap.Ru!! It just makes me so happy knowing how inspired some people are by my work – even if it just one person! I live to inspire and help 🙂

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They reached out to me for an interview a little over a month ago. I would love for you to check out the blog post since it consists of a lengthy interview about my cardmaking journey and there’s a challenge from me! It would be awesome if you could participate. What an honor to be featured! You’ll have until December 18 to link a card and we’ll choose a winner from all entries.

Also, if you haven’t already noticed, I updated my destash page last week. There are many good items still left. I try to be fair with my pricing, considering most items are used once or twice or are still brand new. Thanks for helping me out. This girl needs new work clothes. 😉 It feels great to declutter, and I think it’s cute that people reach out to me asking how I do certain things (run giveaways, destash pricing, best ways to sell, etc.) I’m just figuring it out on my own so I’m no expert but I adore those who ask 🙂

Check out my Instagram page for a card in celebration of our friend Coralynn’s 1000-subscriber milestone! You can leave a comment on her post for your chance to win a gift card to Butterfly Reflections Ink store 🙂

Are you participating in any card drives this year? Vera hosts the Caring Hearts Card Drive every year for nursing homes (she must receive the cards by Friday, Nov 27 for this year). Jennifer McGuire is also collecting cards for a few kids so check out her post here. Here are some cards my nephew helped with for one of the card drives. These cards will make some seniors happy, especially when they see it was signed by a 9-year-old. 🙂 Last year, I sent in 299 (I didn’t count right apparently) and my friend sent in 200 (she was 2 months into crafting at the time). This year, she sent in 350, and I’ll share next week how many cards I end up sending (have a family emergency so haven’t had as much time to work on them).

Thank you so much for visiting! Hope you have a great week ahead of you. 🙂 Check out my post for The Ton Blog. 🙂 

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